Engine main repair

Engine main repair
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Engine misuse, extending the intervals between check-ups and mechanical damage are the most frequent causes of engine failure. Total engine failure, however, is not common, unlike the malfunction of individual engine components. If ignored, such malfunction may cause damage to other engine parts and, consequently, disable the engine altogether. If this is the case, the engine needs replacing or reconditioning.

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  • Buying a used engine your risk ending up buying one in as bad a state of repair as your own
  • Before buying a used engine you should check it thoroughly to determine how much longer it will go on
  • Pay attention to the warning lights on the dashboard and excess exhaust gases coming of the tail pipe
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Range of services

  • Removing the engine from the engine chamber
  • Disassembling the engine
  • Verifying the condition of individual components
  • Replacing or reconditioning the damaged parts
  • Replacing the timing gear
  • Repairing the cylinder head, if necessary (valves, seats and guides)
  • Repairing/reconditioning the injectors, if necessary
  • Repairing/reconditioning the turbocharger, if necessary
  • Repairing the engine block, if necessary (replacing the pistons, slide bearings, grinding the shaft and the block)
  • Fitting new gaskets and seals in
  • Refilling the engine with oils and fluids, changing all filters
  • Reassembling the engine and fitting it back in the car
  • Checking the engine for leaks and proper operation

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