Engine repair

Engine repair
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The car's engine is comprised of many complex components which gradually wear or fail due to misuse, servicing errors or external factors. If you don't react in time, you will end up having to have your engine reconditioned instead of simply repaired, especially if it is not completely worn.

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  • You should take immediate action as soon as you notice any symptoms of engine malfunction, such as the "check engine" light going on, excess smoke coming out of the tail pipe, problems with starting the engine
  • Remember to regularly check the level of the car's oils and fluids
  • Each extended check-up should cover all systems
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Range of services

  • A thorough inspection of all engine components
  • Replacing malfunctioning parts
  • Reconditioning the cylinder head, if necessary
  • Replacing the piston pins, if necessary
  • Replacing the slide bearings, if necessary
  • Adding oils and fluids, if necessary
  • Replacing all gaskets
  • Checking the engine for leaks
  • Cancelling errors in the computer

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