Stabilizer replacement

Stabilizer replacement
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The anti-roll bar is a flexible component which connects the right and the left wheel suspension together. It reduces body roll and increases the outer wheel grip during turning. The anti-roll bar requires replacing only in the event of mechanical damage. A disturbing clatter coming from the anti-roll bar area is a sign that the link rods or bushes have failed and need replacing.

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  • The link rods and bushes should be replaced in pairs. They have a similar life cycle, which means that if one of them fails, the other one will soon follow suit
  • Wheel alignment is not necessary after replacing the anti-roll bar components
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Removing the anti-roll bar
  • Removing the link rods
  • Removing the bushes
  • Fitting new link rods and bushes in
  • Fitting a new anti-roll bar in

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