Stabilizer bar replacement

Stabilizer bar replacement
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The link rods connect the anti-roll bar and the swing arms together. They ensure that the wheels stick to the surface and transmit the force generated as the suspension compresses. They also stabilize it during turning. The link rods contain ball joints and rubber dampers, which gradually fail and eventually need replacing.

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  • If damaged, a link rod clatters when you drive on an uneven surface
  • Link rods should be replaced in pairs
  • Hard link rods are ideal for wheels bigger than recommended by the manufacturer
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Disconnecting the link rods from swing arms and the anti-roll bar
  • Fitting new link rods in
  • Refitting the wheels
  • Checking wheel alignment and the suspension

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Service description

What is the anti-roll bar?

The anti-roll bar is a rotating, flexible component which connects together the suspension elements of the right and left wheel of the same axle of a car. It transmits the suspension lean from one side of the car to the other while turning. This way, it prevents the body from tilting too much and provides the wheel on the outer side of a curve with a better grip.

How is the anti-roll built?

The anti-roll bar is connected to the swing arms or shock absorbers by means of connecting rods equipped with ball joints and rubber damping elements. The connecting rods are the only elements which transmit the forces generated during turning from one side of the car to the other.

When should an anti-roll bar connecting rod be replaced?

The connecting rods are frequently damaged as a result of driving over uneven surfaces. If this happens, you hear an annoying clatter when driving. If this is the case, the connecting rods require replacing. It is recommended that both of them be replaced at the same time, as if one of them wears, the other one is likely to wear soon, too.

How is a connecting rod replaced?

Replacing a connecting rod requires lifting the car, removing the wheel and detaching the connecting rod from the swing arm (or shock absorber) and the anti-roll bar. Very often the bolts holding these elements together are corroded and must be cut to be removed. New connecting rods are fitted in the reverse order.

Wheel alignment is required after replacing the rods.

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