Wishbone silent block replacement

Wishbone silent block replacement
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Made of rubber and metal, the silent block bushes are fitted onto the swing arms to damp the vibrations and reduce the noise produced by the suspension. Driving over uneven surfaces with your brake brake pressed is a typical mistake, which results in acceleration of wear of the entire suspension. It result is play which affects the comfort of driving and the suspension characteristics. Their failure causes deterioration of the other suspension elements, including a substantial tyre wear.

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  • The lifespan of the silent block bushes depends on your driving style
  • When changing the bushes a good idea is to check the other suspension elements too
  • Have the wheel alignment checked after replacing suspension elements
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Removing the swing arms
  • Removing worn silent block bushes
  • Fitting new bushes in
  • Fitting the swing arms in
  • Refitting the wheels
  • Wheel alignment check

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