Shock absorber bearing replacement

Shock absorber bearing replacement
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The damper pads allow the struts to rotate together with the knuckles. The pads gradually wear making turning the steering wheel more difficult and producing disturbing sounds. In extreme cases, the damper bearings may seize and even block, causing the springs to crack while turning the wheels

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  • Odłączenie przewodów hamulcowych
  • Odłączenie przewodów elektrycznych od ABS
  • Demontaż łącznika kolumny MacPhersona od zwrotnicy
  • Demontaż uszkodzonych łożysk
  • Montaż nowych łożysk
  • Montaż kolumny do zwrotnicy
  • Podłączenie przewodów elektrycznych
  • Podłączenie przewodów hamulcowych

Car workshops: Shock absorber bearing replacement

Service description

**Where is the shock absorber bearing located?

The front axle shock absorbers, constituting the MacPherson strut, are each equipped with a bearing located in their upper mounts. The bearing allows the entire strut to turn along with the steering knuckle. As the bearings wear out, wheel turning becomes harder and is accompanied by disturbing sounds. In extreme cases, a strut bearing may block altogether, causing the suspension spring to crack when turning the wheels.

How are shock absorber bearings replaced?

Usually, shock absorber bearings are replaced along with pads during the replacement of shock absorbers. Nevertheless, the useful life of particular MacPherson strut components is different and you may have to replace one element while the other ones are still fine. Replacing a shock absorber bearing requires removing the entire strut by detaching the shock absorber from the knuckle and unscrewing the upper mount of the strut from the wheel arch. Next, the strut is disassembled on a working table.

What to keep in mind?

When fitting a new bearing, a good idea is to inspect the other components, such as the piston rod, its buffer or the upper mount, and, if necessary, have them replaced. Next, the strut is reassembled and fitted back in the car. After the replacement, a good idea is to check the wheel alignment parameters to make sure that everything is OK and that your car operates in a predictable manner.

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