MacPherson strut replacement

MacPherson strut replacement
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The MacPherson strut is a suspension type in which the damper and the spring are integrated to form a damping element and to steer the wheel. The struts prevent the wheels from jumping and losing grip on the road. The rate of wear of the dampers depends on the way you use your car. Usually, however, the dampers lose their properties after app. 100 thousand kilometres.

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  • The dampers should be replaced in pairs
  • When replacing a damper you should also have its piston housing and the bump stop replaced A good idea is also to change the upper pads and the bearings to avoid having to disassemble the struts again in case these elements fail
  • After replacing the dampers make sure you have your wheel alignment checked
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Removing the MacPherson struts
  • Removing the suspension springs
  • Removing the upper strut mountings together with the pads and bearings
  • Connecting the new dampers to the springs
  • Fitting the struts back in

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