Basic car body measurements

Basic car body measurements
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Measuring the body and chassis reference points is the most precise method of checking whether or not a car has been involved in an accident or a collision. The examination consists in checking the distance between the key structural points of a car specified by the manufacturer. It allows detecting any signs of accidents and helps repair a car after a collision. Before you buy a used car have it undergo this type of examination.

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  • The cost of the examination will be much lower than the repairs you will have to do or the cost of claiming your rights from the seller
  • Measuring the reference points will help you determine the actual scope of damages after an accident Frequently, damages to the side-members, the suspension or the steering gear cannot be detected with the naked eye and are practically undetectable without specialist computer devices
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  • Measuring selected reference points
  • Comparing the measurement results against the manufacturer's data
  • Creating a deviations map

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