Disinfection of air condition with ozone

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Disinfection of air condition with ozone
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Dirt in the AC system may cause allergic reactions, eye irritation or even bacterial infections, especially if you suffer from allergies. The most common way of cleaning the car AC system is ozoning. Ozone is almost 50 times more efficient that chlorine. Ozoning helps remove the odour of must, cigarette smoke, petrol, lubricants, air fresheners, as well as allergens contained in the flower pollen.

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  • You should have your air-conditioning system ozoned at least once a year
  • In addition, you should have the cabin filter changed as it cleans the air before it gets into the car
  • AC ozoning and cabin filter change prevent the development of allergens, micro-organisms and bacteria in the air
  • If you live in a big and busy city, you should have your AC system ozoned and the cabin filter changed more often
  • To remove the residue ozone odour leave the windows open for a few hours and wipe the dashboard, the seats and the carpets with a wet rug.
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  • Prepare your car for ozoning by thoroughly vacuum-cleaning the inside of the car and removing any stains
  • Entering ozone into the cabin and the ventilation ducts
  • Removing the residue ozone odour by airing the car out

Car workshops: Disinfection of air condition with ozone

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