Cabin filter replacement

Cabin filter replacement

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The cabin filter is one of those elements that your health depends upon. The air system of your car is infested with fungi and micro-organisms. If effective, the filter ensures that you breathe a good quality air. This is particularly important if you suffer from an allergy or have problems with your lungs. Changing the cabin filter is usually easy, although in some cars the filter is difficult to access and, consequently, the cost of its replacement may be higher.

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  • Check you AC system after each winter / summer
  • Have the cabin filter changed during each AC inspection or at least every 10-15 thousand kilometres
  • The cabin filter provides your car with fresh and clean air
  • Buy carbon filters; they are more efficient in terms of removing micro-organisms from the air
  • If you suffer from an allergy you should have the cabin filter changed regularly
  • The cabin filter ensures proper and effective operation of the AC and ventilation systems
  • If clean, the cabin filter accelerates window defogging
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Range of services

  • Removing the cabin filter housing
  • Removing the cabin filter
  • Fitting a new cabin filter in
  • Fitting the filter housing back on
  • Checking the quality of the air coming out of the air ducts

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