Air conditioning dryer replacement

Air conditioning dryer replacement

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The Ac dryer is usually located between the condenser and the evaporator, and protects the AC against excess moisture. It absorbs the moisture particles by means of the chemical substances contained in it. The dryer must always be replaced with a new one (fitting a used one in doesn't make sense as it has already absorbed moisture). The dryer needs replacing not only because of a failure but also each time the AC system loses its tightness, the compressor, the evaporator or the condenser are replaced.

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  • If damaged, the dryer must be replaced with a new one
  • The dryer should be replaced each time you have one of the key AC system elements replaced, i.e. the compressor, the evaporator or the condenser.
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Range of services

  • Removing the coolant from the system
  • Removing the damaged dryer and replacing it with a new one
  • Fitting the previously removed elements back in place

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