Car tyre repair

Car tyre repair
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The tyre repair method depends on the type of damage, the most common of which is a puncture. Most punctures can be repaired with a patch, provided, however, that they are not too big. Applying a patch is not possible in the case of damage to the sides.

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  • Check the date of manufacture of a tyre. Tyres that are few years old should not be repaired as the rubber they are made of is too worn.
  • RunFlat tyres have a reinforced profile
  • Repairing a tyre is cheap, but once damaged, a tyre will have an irremovable defect that may affect the comfort of driving
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Range of services

  • Removing the faulty tyre from the wheel
  • Cleaning the puncture spot
  • Repairing the puncture
  • Fitting the tyre back on the wheel

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Service description

Tyre repair

A punctured or otherwise injured tyre requires repairing. There are a few ways in which a tyre can be repaired, depending on the type and location of the injury and the desired repair technology.

How is a tyre repaired?

In most cases, a punctured or injured tyre has to be removed from the wheel, but there are also methods allowing you to repair a tyre without taking it off the rim.

To do this, you need a special string, which you fit inside a puncture by means of a special tool.

If you decide on the traditional method, after removing a tyre from the wheel you need to clean it from the inside and fit a plug in the puncture. In the case of certain punctures or cuts you can also use a patch. Both plugs and patches are heat-treated and fitted by means of glue.

A properly carried out repair will make your tyre airtight and fit for further use.

How to repair a tyre on the spot?

In the case of minor injuries, you can use a spray sealant, which you inject into the tyre by means of compressed air through the tyre valve. As the wheel begins to rotate, the spray is evenly distributed to create a thin layer sealing the puncture inside the tyre. This is an ad hoc solution allowing you to continue your journey. Remember, though, to visit a garage to have your tyre repaired properly as soon as possible

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