Steel rim repair

Steel rim repair
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Fast and careless driving over bumpy roads or curbs may cause the wheel rims to deform, dent or even crack. A damaged rim will make you feel vibrations on the steering wheel and may even cause the car to steer off course. Steel rims may be straightened and, sometimes, even welded. In each case, however, it is an expert who should decide whether or not a rim is repairable. Steel rims are more vulnerable to damage than those made of aluminium.

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  • A faulty rim increases the risk of an accident
  • A faulty rim may cause the TPMS sensor to provide misleading information
  • Don't press the brake when driving over holes
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheel with a faulty rim on
  • Removing the tyre
  • Careful assessment of the damage
  • Straightening / welding the rim
  • Sandblasting the rim in order to remove corrosion and old varnish
  • Covering the rim with an anti-corrosion agent
  • Painting the rim
  • Fitting the tyre and wheel back on

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