Xenon bulbs replacement

Xenon bulbs replacement
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Faulty car lighting poses a threat to you and other drivers. If any of the external lighting components is not working properly, you should exchange it as soon as possible . Xenon lights are equipped with electrodes instead of a filament, between which an electric arc is formed to emit light. This is why xenon lamps last longer than the traditional bulbs. They don't need adjusting either.

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  • Changing a xenon light bulb is more complicated than changing a regular bulb
  • Xenon bulbs should be changed in pairs, just like the regular bulbs
  • When your xenon bulbs emit purple-and-pink light, it means that is they have burnt out
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Range of services

  • Removing the rear headlight cover
  • Disconnecting the electrical cable and removing the bulb power supply unit
  • Removing the bulb
  • Fitting a new bulb in
  • Reconnecting the power supply
  • Fitting the rear headlight cover back on

Car workshops: Xenon bulbs replacement

Service description

What are xenon lamps?

Since the beginning of the 1990s, halogen bulbs have been gradually supplanted by xenon discharge arc lamps. Their advantage over the conventional filament bulbs is enormous. Most importantly, xenon lamps produce light whose colour is very similar to that of the daylight, unlike halogen bulbs, which provide yellow light.

How do xenon lams work?

Xenon lamps do not have a filament susceptible to burning as a result of vibrations, but are equipped with electrodes which generate an electric arc that produces light. This is why xenon lamps are more durable than the traditional bulbs.

In order for a xenon lamp to generate an electric arc of the right brightness, a voltage of several thousand volts is required. This is why xenon bulbs should be replaced by a professional garage. Although changing a xenon bulb does not differ significantly from changing a regular light bulb, you shouldn't risk damaging your car's electrical system or suffering from injuries caused by an electrical shock.

What else to keep in mind?

After changing a xenon bulb - just like in the case of a traditional bulb - you should adjust the beam hight. Although xenon lamps are required to be equipped with an automatic range adjustment system, they still require adjusting after replacement.

You should always have both bulbs changed, as they have a similar useful life and if one of them fails, the other one will soon follow suit. Moreover, new bulbs require several dozen hours before they gain the right light colour, which is another reason why you should always have both of them replaced.

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