Lights regulation

Lights regulation
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Make sure that your external lighting works properly. It comes in handy, especially when it gets dark. In order for your headlights to illuminate the road in front of you properly they must be adjusted correctly. If the lights are set too low, the light beam will not reach far enough. If, in turn, they are set too high, they will blind the other drivers.

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  • The lights should be adjusted after each bulb replacement
  • The lights require adjusting after each headlight change
  • The lights are adjusted by means of a spectrophotometer
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  • Placing a spectrophotometer in front of the car
  • Checking through the spectrophotometer sight glass if the light beam has reached the right height on the scale
  • Setting the light along a horizontal line so that the headlight emits the light in a straight line

Car workshops: Lights regulation

Service description

Why should you adjust your headlights?

Each car should have its headlights adjusted so that the light beam they produce is at the right height, i.e. not too low, as then it would not provide the driver with a sufficient view of the road, and not too high, so as not blind other drivers and pose danger.

When should you have your headlights adjusted?

After each lamp removal or bulb replacement your headlights should be adjusted to ensure that they shine at the right height. This activity requires the use of a device called spectrophotometer.

How are headlights adjusted?

The said device is placed in front of the car. Next, the headlights are switched on to check by means of a scale visible in the sight glass of the device whether the light beam they produce is at the right height. It is important to set the light beam in a horizontal line in such a way so as to ensure that it is directed forward, and not at the middle or side of the road.

What else to keep in mind?

In order for the headlights to be adjusted properly, a spectrophotometer should be set and positioned in accordance with the user instructions provided on the headlight label or elsewhere in the engine chamber. You should also remember that if your car is equipped with a light beam adjustment switch, you should set it to "zero" before your headlights can be adjusted.

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