Parking sensor fitting

Parking sensor fitting
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The parking sensors help the driver evaluate the distance between the front and rear of the car and an obstacle while parking. The sensors inform the driver about the distance between the car and an obstacle by means of a sound. The sensors are very useful as they reduce the risk of parking damages and help the driver realize the actual length of the car. The parking system is comprised of a few sensors fitted in the bumper, a control unit and electrical cables.

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  • Parking Sensors fitted by the car manufacturer look nicer and are more effective
  • Parking sensors may be successfully fitted by a specialized garage
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Range of services

  • Drilling holes in the bumper
  • Fitting the sensors in and painting the bumper
  • Fitting the central unit and connecting the sensors to the electrical system
  • Adjusting the sensors

Car workshops: Parking sensor fitting

Service description

What are parking sensors?

Parking sensors come in handy especially in busy cities, where parking places are narrow and require manoeuvring precision. The sensors are there to help the driver to properly judge the distance between the rear or front bumper and an obstacle.

What parking sensor types are there?

If your car was not originally provided with parking sensors, you can have them fitted as additional accessories. A set of parking sensors is comprised of a few sensors fitted in the bumper, a control unit and connecting cables. Some sensor models may be equipped with a display unit to be fitted on the dashboard, showing the driver the exact distance to an obstacle.

Other sensor types inform the driver about such distance by means of an audio signal. The sensors are fitted in the bumper, which requires drilling holes in it. If the bumper is the same colour as the body, the sensors must be painted accordingly. The electrical cables are connected in such a way as to ensure that the sensors are activated as soon as the driver puts the car in the reverse gear.

What to keep in mind

If a rear parking sensor set comes with a display unit, the cables must run all the way to the dashboard and the display must be installed in such a way as not to distract the driver on the one hand, and enable them to control the distance on the other.

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