Dashboard gauges replacement

Dashboard gauges replacement
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The dashboard features a number of controls displaying the key car parameters, such as speed, engine revolutions, fuel level, oil and other lubricants level. As your car ages, the plastic cover protecting the instruments may crack, the warning light bulbs may burn out and the electrical cables may fail. If this is the case, you have to repair the failed components or have the entire panel replaced.

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  • Do not turn on the ignition when the control plugs are out to avoid errors
  • Malfunctioning controls may cause serious failures as they prevent the driver from controlling the actual condition of the car
  • If the fuel gauge shows wrong indications, you may run out of fuel completely and the fuel system may suffer from an air lock
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Range of services

  • Disconnecting the battery
  • Removing the steering column cover
  • Unscrewing the bolts holding the control panel
  • Disconnecting the control plugs
  • Removing the entire control panel
  • Replacing the bulbs/cables/entire panel
  • Reconnecting the plugs
  • Fitting the panel back on
  • Fitting the steering column cover back on

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