TPMS wheel pressure sensor replacement

TPMS wheel pressure sensor replacement

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The Tire Pressure Monitoring System informs the driver of a tyre pressure loss. As of November 2014, all new cars sold in the EU must be equipped with the system, which comes in two versions - indirect and direct. The former uses the ABS/ESP system to compare the rotational speed of one wheel relative to the other wheels. The latter, considered to be more precise, uses electronic sensors fitted on each wheel in order to measure the pressure in real time. If the pressure goes down below a recommended level, a warning light on the dashboard goes on. The most frequent cause of a TPMS sensor failure is its damage during tyre change.

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  • Pay special attention to the sensor's indications if you have low-profile tyres
  • If damaged, the sensor should be replaced with one recommended by the manufacturer to ensure correct parameter reading
  • To avoid damaging the sensor during tyre change a good idea is to buy two sets of wheels
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheel with the faulty sensor
  • Removing the tyre with the faulty sensor from the wheel
  • Replacing the faulty sensor together with the valve
  • Fitting the wheel back on and setting the sensors

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