Error code deleting on a car

Error code deleting on a car
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Error codes contain information about a malfunctioning or defective car component, from the braking system to air conditioning to the engine. Stored in the car's computer memory, error codes facilitate diagnostics and provide information about failures. Errors are cancelled by connecting a computer/tester to the car's diagnostic plug, reading the codes and removing them from the memory of the onboard computer.

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  • Pay attention to the warning lights on the dashboard that do not go off after you turn on the engine
  • Don't ignore any signs of a malfunction
  • If you continue driving without cancelling error codes for a longer period of time, you run the risk of seriously damaging your car
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Range of services

  • Connecting a diagnostic device to the car
  • Turning on the ignition or starting the engine
  • Reading error codes stored in the computer memory
  • Removing error codes by means of a diagnostic programme or tester

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