Exhaust fumes pressure sensor replacement

Exhaust fumes pressure sensor replacement
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Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor, known as the EGR Pressure Sensor, is a differential sensor that measures the exhaust gas pressure difference between the suction and exhaust of the particle filter. The exhaust fumes pressure sensor is another element in the diesel engine pollution control systems imposed by the European emission regulation. The aforementioned sensor was used in older cars, and in new cars it was replaced with an electromagnetic valve that took over its function.

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  • The exhaust gas pressure sensor is used in older cars
  • The sensor failure can signal serious exhaust system problems
  • When replacing the sensor, it is recommended to replace the tubes that are connected to the sensor
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Range of services

  • Diagnosing the problem
  • Locating the exhaust gas pressure sensor
  • Replaceing the sensor
  • Testing of the new exhaust gas sensor
  • Eraseing errors on the vehicle computer

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