Gas pressure sensor replacement (LPG)

Gas pressure sensor replacement (LPG)
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The gas pressure sensor measures the pressure of gas between the reducer and the injection rail, as well as the value of the negative pressure in the intake manifold. Based on its indications, the control unit adjusts the amount of gas supplied to the engine. The common symptoms of a gas pressure sensor failure is engine jerking on acceleration, uneven operation of the engine in neutral gear, lack of power and the engine switching automatically to the fuel system.

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  • Do not ignore an LPG system failure. If not taken proper care of, the system may accelerate engine wear. A poor fuel mixture accelerates the cylinder head wear.
  • Pressure sensor failure symptoms may disappear to reappear only a few days later, therefore, replacing the sensor is a must.
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  • Removing the faulty pressure sensor
  • Fitting a new sensor in

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