Rain sensor replacement

Rain sensor replacement

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The rain sensor cooperates with a microprocessor which activates the wipers. The sensor emits light which is reflected from the windscreen. A dry windscreen reflects nearly all of the light emitted by the sensor, whereas a wet or snow-covered windscreen absorbs some of the light, as a result of which not all of it makes it back to the sensor and, consequently, the wipers are activated. The sensor is damaged during windscreen replacement or it wears with time. In the event of its failure, the wipers work chaotically or cannot be activated automatically.

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  • Proper operation of the rain sensor depends also on the condition of the wiper blades. So, if you notice problems with the sensor, a good idea is to check the blades too
  • A functional rain sensor means a better comfort of driving and it is not very expensive to replace, either
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Range of services

  • Removing the faulty rain sensor
  • Fitting a new sensor in

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