Accelerator pedal position sensor replacement

Accelerator pedal position sensor replacement

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Applied in modern cars, the accelerator pedal sensor transmits a signal to the throttle control system to inform it about the current position of the pedal. In the case of an automatic transmission, this information is also used to force gear reduction during sudden acceleration. Its failure affects the driving comfort and safety and frequently results in activating the emergency mode. In the case of some cars replacing the sensor is a very complicated procedure.

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  • In modern cars the accelerator pedal sensor may disturb the operation of some driving modes, e.g. the Eco Drive, designed to reduce fuel consumption.
  • In order to ensure driving safety and reliability, some manufacturers apply two accelerator pedal sensors in case one of them fails.
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Range of services

  • Removing the braking fluid from the system
  • Removing the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals
  • Removing the faulty sensor
  • Fitting a new sensor in
  • Fitting the pedals back in

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