Brake fluid level sensor replacement

Brake fluid level sensor replacement
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The brake fluid sensor informs the computer about the current position of the handbrake and about the brake fluid level. After you activate the handbrake, the sensor switches on the handbrake warning light on the dashboard. If following its deactivation the light remains on or turns on while you're driving, it means that the brake fluid level is too low. If this is the case, you should add the fluid to the brake system or visit a garage.

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  • Have the handbrake checked during each annual technical inspection
  • Never ignore the brake system warning light
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Range of services

  • Releasing the brake fluid from the system
  • Disconnecting the sensor from the electrical system
  • Removing the faulty sensor
  • Fitting a new sensor in
  • Attending to the electricity plug
  • Refilling the system with the required amount of fluid
  • Checking the system for leaks
  • Bleeding the system

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