Steering wheel sensor replacement

Steering wheel sensor replacement

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The steering position sensor informs the vehicle computer of the current position of the steering wheel. The information that the steering position sensor transfers to the computer serves to inform other systems whose operation depends on the position of the wheel. If the steering position sensor is damaged, the vehicle computer remains unaware and it disables specific car systems. The steering position sensor is located on the steering column, and its replacement requires the dismantling of the complete column.

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  • Before replacing the sensor with a new one, make sure to lubricate the spot in which it is to be fitted
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Range of services

  • Putting the wheel in the 0 position
  • Removing the steering column cover
  • Removing the sensor housing
  • Disconnecting the sensor from the electrical system
  • Loosening the bolts holding the sensor
  • Removing the faulty sensor
  • Fitting a new sensor in
  • Tightening the bolts
  • Reconnecting the sensor to the electrical system
  • Refitting the sensor housing
  • Fitting the steering column cover back on

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