Handbrake cable replacement

Handbrake cable replacement

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The parking brake may also serve as an emergency brake when the main brake fails. It is also used to immobilize the car after parking it on an elevation. It is comprised of a lever located next to the driver's seat and cables which activate the rear brakes after the lever is pulled. A malfunctioning cable may prevent you from activating the parking brake. It may also affect its operation and if it breaks, the car may roll down an elevation.

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  • Regularly check the technical condition of the emergency brake - not only during periodical check-ups
  • Have the emergency brake repaired immediately after discovering its failure
  • Always have the emergency brake cables replaced with new ones
  • Never replace the cables on your own
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Range of services

  • disconnecting the cable from the emergency brake lever
  • removing the car wheels
  • detaching the opposite ends of the cables from the brake shoes
  • fitting new cables
  • refitting the wheels
  • adjusting the cables
  • reconnecting the cable to the brake lever

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