Front / rear window heating repair

Front / rear window heating repair

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The most common cause of windscreen heating system failures is damage to the heating wires. The wires or the electrical connections may gradually wear, resulting in uneven distribution of heat on the windscreen. If you ignore damages to the system or repair it using wrong materials, the windscreen may break.

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  • Malfunctioning of the windscreen system may be caused by a failure of the electrical system, which, however, is cheap to repair
  • If the windscreen heating is not working, you should first check the fuses responsible for its operation
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Range of services

  • Checking the fuse protecting the circuit
  • Checking, by means of a multi-tester, if power is supplied to the windscreen
  • Checking if the heating wires have not been broken
  • Covering the damaged spot with a conductive varnish

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