Internal A/C temperature sensor replacement

Internal A/C temperature sensor replacement
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The internal temperature sensor is a part of the automatic air-conditioning system. If it fails, no information is available about the temperature inside the car, as a result of which the AC system is unable to select the right temperature or the direction and power of the air stream. Consequently, it stops functioning properly. The internal temperature sensor also displays the current temperature inside the car on the AC panel.

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  • If it fails, the AC is unable to operate in the automatic mode
  • If the windows fog up despite the AC being on or if the cool air can barely be felt, it may mean that the internal temperature sensor is broken
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Range of services

  • Locating the sensor in the air control panel or in the roof lining
  • Removing the lining or the dashboard
  • Removing the faulty sensor
  • Fitting a new sensor in
  • Fitting the lining back on
  • Checking if the system operates properly

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