Flexible brake hose replacement

Flexible brake hose replacement

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The braking system is one of the most important car systems, as you and other drivers depend on it for your safety. The key elements of the system include: the master cylinder, the anti-slip system, clamps, cylinders, pads, shoes, discs, drums and hoses. A hose failure causes the brake fluid to leak and may cause a hose to crack during braking, resulting in a loss of pressure in the brakes.

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  • You can easily check the hoses for leaks by simply inspecting them visually and feeling them with your fingers
  • Always have the flexible hoses replaced in pairs
  • Always have damaged hoses replaced with new ones
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Range of services

  • Releasing the brake fluid
  • Removing the suspension elements obstructing access to the hoses (covers, silencers, wheels)
  • Removing the damaged parts of the hoses
  • Fitting new hoses in
  • Refilling the system with fresh brake fluid
  • Venting the braking system
  • Checking the joint for potential leaks
  • Refitting the suspension elements
  • Test drive

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