Distributor rotor replacement

Distributor rotor replacement
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The distributor cam is a moving element located on the shaft, responsible for supplying electrical current from the ignition coil to the ignition plugs in the cylinders. Its wear is accelerated when dirt and moisture get to it through broken distributor housing. Its malfunction may cause uneven operation of the engine, increased fuel consumption, power decrease or even problems with starting the engine.

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  • When changing the distributor cam you should have the ignition device cap changed too
  • When replacing the cap a good idea is to check the ignition cables, connectors and plugs
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Range of services

  • Disconnecting the cables attached to the distributor cap
  • Removing the distributor cap
  • Removing the cam from the shaft
  • Fitting a new distributor cam in
  • Fitting the cap back on and reconnecting the cables
  • Checking if the ignition operates properly

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