Starter replacement

Starter replacement
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The starter is en electrical motor which triggers the movement of the crankshaft. It is equipped with a bendix drive that engages the flywheel. After the engine is turned on, the mechanism is disengaged. Engaging the flywheel is possible as a result of application of an electromagnet. You can tell a starter malfunction by its delayed reaction to turning the key in the ignition.

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  • The starter may be reconditioned, although this pays off only in the case of older cars
  • If you keep the key in the ignition turned for too long, you accelerate the wear of the starter
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Range of services

  • Disconnecting the electrical cables from starter
  • Removing the starter
  • Fitting a new starter in
  • Reconnecting the electrical cables

Car workshops: Starter replacement

Service description

What is the starter?

The starter is an electric engine that starts the car engine crankshaft in order to initiate the engine's operation. The starter has a special mechanism that engages it with the engine's flywheel and disengages it following starting the engine. This mechanism is called a bendix drive. The starter is also equipped with an electromagnet that initially places the starter pinion on the engine's flywheel.

How is the starter replaced?

If any of the above-mentioned starter components fails, the entire assembly must be removed to be repaired. This procedure differs depending on the car and on the location of the starter. Usually, however, it requires disconnecting the electrical cables leading to the starter and removing the bolts holding it to the engine block. To this effect, the car may have to be lifted to access the engine from the bottom to remove the housings covering the engine and the gear box.

What else to keep in mind?

It's hard to tell the useful life of the starter, however, you should never ignore the first signs of its failure, such as unusual sounds on starting the engine. If the starter is stuck, i.e. it does not react when you turn the key in the ignition, you should immediately visit a nearby garage to have it repaired rather than wait until your engine refuses to start one day.

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