Fuse replacement

Fuse replacement
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The fuses protect the car's electrical systems against damage. To this effect, they blow and break the circuit. In the event of a malfunction of any electrical device in your car, you should first check the fuses. The fuse box is usually located in the engine chamber or to the left of the steering column. You will find the wire diagram in the user guide. A faulty fuse is scorched. In other words, it is blown, which is plain to see. You can replace a fuse by means of special pliers, which come with each new fuse set.

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  • A good idea is to keep a set of new fuses in your car in case of emergency
  • Whenever something brakes down, the fuses should always be the first thing to check
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Range of services

  • Finding the fuse box
  • Replacing the faulty fuse with a new one

Car workshops: Fuse replacement

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