Windscreen washer pump replacement

Windscreen washer pump replacement
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Good visibility while driving a car is a must. It is provided by many elements, including the windscreen and headlight sprinklers. The sprinklers moisten the windscreen to facilitate the operation of the wipers and to clean the windscreen. Proper operation of the sprinklers is ensured by the sprinkler pump powered by means of an electrical motor. If the motor fails, the whole pump needs replacing.

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  • If the pump fails, you should replace the entire device, including the electrical motor
  • When replacing the pump, make sure you have the hoses and nozzles checked too
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Range of services

  • Releasing the windscreen liquid from the tank
  • Removing the tank
  • Removing the sprinkler pump
  • Fitting a new pump in
  • Fitting new gaskets in
  • Connecting the pump to the electrical system
  • Fitting the tank back in place
  • Filling the tank with the liquid

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