Windscreen replacement

Windscreen replacement
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The windscreen must ensure perfect visibility without any distortions. Therefore, it must be free from any cracks and mat spots. At night, scratches on the window diffuse the light from the cars coming from the opposite direction, blinding the driver and making it difficult for him to spot obstacles. Usually, only small damages, such as chips, are fixed, provided, however, that they are no bigger that a small coin, and that they are not situated right in front of the driver's eyes, as after removing them, a small spot remains where they once were, obscuring the view.

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  • Your windscreen is repairable only if the diameter of a chip does not exceed a few millimetres
  • If a chip is situated right in front of your eyes, the windscreen must be changed
  • If a crack on your windscreen obscures your view, the police may keep your car registration book on the grounds that your car is in a bad technical condition
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Range of services

  • Removing some of the internal panels in order to cut the windscreen out
  • Removing the wipers
  • Cutting the windscreen out
  • Cleaning the surface on which a new windscreen is to be fitted
  • Fitting a new windscreen in
  • Fitting the wipers and the previously removed components back in place

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Service description

What role does the windscreen play?

The windscreen has to meet numerous requirements. Firstly, it has to provide the driver with a perfect visibility. Secondly, it must protect them against wind, rain, small stones coming from under the wheels of the vehicles in the front, as well as insects. It has to withstand numerous washing cycles, wiper cycles and frequent foreign body impact. The windscreen is simultaneously heated with hot air from the air ducts inside and cooled by the outside air, as a result of which it is exposed to a significant thermal load. In addition, the type approval regulations require the windscreen to be laminated to prevent it from shattering into small pieces that could cause injuries.

When should the windscreen be replaced?

If your windscreen is cracked, chipped by a stone or scratched to the extent that your visibility is compromised, you should have it replaced. In older cars, the windscreen is fitted with a seal, removable following taking out a special rubber string.

How is the windscreen replaced?

Modern cars have glued-in windscreens which can be removed by means of a special saw. Before getting down to work, remove the internal pillar covers in order not to damage them while cutting the windscreen out. You should also remove the wipers so that they do not stand in the way.

After cutting the joint around the windscreen, as a result of which it is usually damaged, the windscreen is removed. A good idea is to use special suctions with grips allowing safe handling of the windscreen. Next, you should remove any leftover glue from the windscreen pit, the pillar and the roof.

After applying a new layer of a special glue, a new windscreen is fitted. Remember, that some cars are equipped with one-off sticks facilitating proper positioning of the windscreen. You should also ensure that new windscreen cowls are fitted, if applied on your car.

What else to keep in mind?

It takes the glue a few hours to dry. You can use your car again after this time, and after fitting the wipers and pillar covers back on. You should avoid washing your car for 1-2 days after windscreen replacement to allow the glue to dry properly.

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