Rear window replacement

Rear window replacement
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The rear window is an integral part of the car. It must provide the driver with a clear view in the rear view mirror. The rear window is constantly exposed to wind and rain, as a result of which it wears, becomes mat and distorts the driver's vision. Although the rear window is less exposed to mechanical damage than the windscreen, its heating system is prone to failures.

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  • A windscreen or rear window heating malfunction results from a failure of the electrical system and rarely requires changing the entire component
  • You shouldn't wash your car for 2 days after windscreen or rear window replacement
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Range of services

  • Removing some of the internal panels in order to cut the windscreen out
  • Removing the wipers
  • Cutting the windscreen or the rear window out
  • Cleaning the surface on which a new windscreen or rear window is to be fitted
  • Fitting a new windscreen or rear window in
  • Fitting the wipers and the previously removed components back in place

Car workshops: Rear window replacement

Service description

How is the rear window replaced?

In older car models the rear window comes with a seal. There is a special string all along it, which, when pulled out, facilitates removing the seal together with the window. Fitting a window requires applying a special tool for pushing the string in.

Modern cars have glued-in rear windows. Replacing them requires cutting the existing glue layer with a special saw. Before you get down to work, you have to remove all elements inside the car around the window to avoid damaging them. You should also disconnect the cables powering the window heating.

After removing the window, clean the channel in which it sat. Next, after applying a layer of a special glue, a new window is fitted. To this effect, use special suctions with handles. Some car types have windows with special disposable sticks helping to position the window properly. Don't forget to fit new cowls.

What else to keep in mind?

A properly fitted window is suitable for use after a few hours, however, you should avoid washing your car for 1-2 days following rear window replacement. You should also avoid exposing it to moisture.

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