Side window pane replacement - opening

Side window pane replacement - opening

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Car windows gradually wear or suffer from mechanical damage. Side windows are rarely smashed by a stone flying by. In most cases, they are smashed as a result of a brake-in. Replacing a side window requires determining the starting position of the lift mechanism.

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  • You mustn't wash your car for a couple of days after window replacement
  • The windows are an important structural part of the car and are exposed to a significant stress. This is why you should never replace your windows with used ones
  • Avoid buying cheap replacements as they are rarely made with the right precision and quickly become mat, resulting in a distorted view and light reflections.
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Range of services

  • Removing the door panels
  • Removing the seals
  • Disconnecting the lifting mechanism from the window
  • Removing the window or whatever is left of it
  • Fitting a new window in
  • Checking if the lifting mechanism operates properly
  • Fitting new seals in
  • Refitting the panels

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    How to replace a side window?

    A side window of the car is embedded in a mechanism allowing its raising and lowering. Replacement of a side window requires removing the upholstered side door panel. Next, the window must be detached from the mechanism. In the case of some cars, gaining access to the mechanism requires removing the entire panel to which all internal mechanisms of the door are attached. In some cases, such as the Volkswagen-Audi group cars, the panel is originally riveted to the door.

    Depending on the window mechanism, the window may require securing inside the door or by means of a strong tape. If the glass is broken, a special procedure has to be applied to determine the starting position of the mechanism in order to fit a new window in properly.

    What else to keep in mind?

    After replacing the window but before the door trim elements are put back on, the window mechanism should be checked to make sure that it operates properly. If any electrical cables were disconnected to replace the window, all accessories powered by them should be checked, e.g. the central lock or the power side mirrors. The last thing left to do is fitting the side door panel back on.