Deleting interval inspections

Deleting interval inspections
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The service inspection message informs you that your car needs to undergo a check-up. The message is displayed on the dashboard in the form of a warning light with a dedicated graphics or a text. The message is usually cancelled by means of setting the next inspection date, using a specialist device or by pressing the switches on the dashboard in the right order.

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  • Do not cancel the service inspection message until you have your car inspected
  • Have your car inspected as soon as possible after the inspection inspection light or message comes on
  • Setting a wrong inspection period may result in excessive wear of car components
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Range of services

  • Connecting a diagnostic device to the car
  • Pressing the dashboard buttons in the right order
  • Turning on the ignition of starting the engine
  • Setting the next inspection date

Car workshops: Deleting interval inspections

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