Fitting LPG systems with certification of approval

Fitting LPG systems with certification of approval
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Gas systems are immensely popular as their are still very attractive from the financial point of view. The present fifth-generation gas systems can be applied in modern direct injection engines. Before you have a gas system fitted in your car, have the engine checked, especially the valves, the electrical system, the lambda sensors and the catalysts. After you have a gas system installed on your car you have 30 days to apply to the Motor Vehicles Department for an appropriate entry into your car registration book confirming that your car is equipped with a gas system. To do this, you need a extract from the type approval certificate, a validation document for the system and a receipt for its installation.

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  • By installing a gas system in your car you can cut your fuel costs by half
  • The loss of power and torque is barely noticeable with the modern LPG systems
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Range of services

  • Evaluating the engine condition
  • Fitting a gas tank, fuel hoses and a regulator in
  • Configuring the drivers
  • Issuing appropriate documents for the purposes of obtaining a type approval for the system

Car workshops: Fitting LPG systems with certification of approval

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