LPG electro-valve replacement

LPG electro-valve replacement

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The LPG electrovalve is an important component of an LPG system. It opens and closes the tank to dose the right amount of gas into it. If damaged, the valve may make starting the engine difficult and may even cause fire in the engine chamber. A frequent cause of its malfunction is a burnt coil or a worn gas filter.

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  • If the valve won't close or open, it must be changed
  • Low gas quality may accelerate the wear of the electrovalve
  • After changing the valve don't forget to check the entire system for leaks
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Range of services

  • Closing the valve
  • Disconnecting all cables and hoses from the valve
  • Disconnecting the valve from the electrical system
  • Replacing the coil or the entire electromagnet
  • Changing the LPG filter
  • Reconnecting the hoses and cables
  • Checking the system for leaks

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