LPG lubrication

LPG lubrication
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Lubrication extends the life span of engines with an LPG system. It consists in covering the valve seats with a special liquid, which protects the valves and their seats against high temperatures. Additionally, the lubrication system may clean the intake manifold, the injectors, the fuel system, as well as lubricate and protect the upper part of the cylinder, decrease fuel consumption and emission of harmful substances.

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  • A lubrication assembly can be fitted along with an LPG system
  • Lubrication is desirable, especially in the case of French and Japanese engines, which are not particularly LPG-friendly
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Range of services

  • Fitting a container with a lubricant in the engine chamber
  • Fitting a negative pressure system or an electronic lubricant dosing system
  • Fitting the nozzles supplying the lubricant to the intake manifold

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