Fitting electric DEFA parking heating

Fitting electric DEFA parking heating

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The electrical parking heating system by the Norwegian company of DEFA is very useful in a freezing-cold weather, when starting the engine is difficult or impossible. The system helps save time and fuel, and limits engine wear. The basic version of DEFA is comprised of a heater attached to the oil sump, the engine block or fitted inside a water hose. Its extended version contains an interior heater and is capable of charging the battery. It also comes with a remote control and a timer.

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  • You can choose one of three versions: for the engine alone, for the engine and the interior, for the engine and the interior with a battery charging option
  • When your car is still covered by a guarantee, make sure that installing the system will not invalidate it
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  • Installing a DEFA system
  • Checking if it works properly

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