Power Box fitting

Power Box fitting
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Interfering with the engine's control system is a serious and complicated procedure. Therefore, before you decide to change the parameters of your engine, make sure that you don't cause any damage to it, as this may cost you dearly. Power boxes are electronic devices which improve the engine parameters without interfering with the injector system controller software. Remember to choose one that is dedicated for your engine and produced by a reputed manufacturer. A power box should be installed by an experienced chiptuning garage to reduce the risk of a serious engine malfunction.

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  • Make sure you choose a power box by a reputed manufacturer
  • Interfering with the engine may cause damage to it or reduce its life span
  • A power box is inexpensive, but it is a bit difficult to choose one that's dedicated for your engine. A good idea is to check the internet forums related to this topic
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Range of services

  • Removing the engine cover
  • Connecting the power box to the electrical system
  • Connecting the power box to the injectors and the sensors
  • Checking if the system operates properly

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Service description

Chiptuning refers to increasing the engine power and torque without making any mechanical changes to the engine. It is the easiest and the cheapest way to improve your car's performance. It is also significantly cheaper than any other form of tuning and its results are equally good. Chiptuning is a good option if you want to squeeze as much as possible out of your engine. It is an ideal solution for owners of regular cars dissatisfied with their performance, and for tuning enthusiasts wanting to go a little further than just modifying their car bodies.

An argument that speaks for chiptuning is also that it may contribute to reducing the fuel consumption by as much as 10%, both in the city and on highway, without having to change your driving style.

In addition, chiptuning has a very good effect on the engine's flexibility, which means an increase in the the range of speeds at which its operation is the most effective. Moreover, you get more horsepower and a higher torque at the same engine speed, and, what's important, the engine power increases faster than in the case of serial software.

Chiptuning does not cause engine overload or quicker wear. It only takes advantage of the extra power provided by the manufacturer.

Chiptuning is highly recommended for cars with the Turbo Diesel engine.


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