Fitting braided brake cables

Fitting braided brake cables
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A sports braking system is exposed to greater mechanical strains, higher temperatures and pressure than a regular one and requires more durable brake hoses. To this effect, rubber hoses are frequently replaced with steel-braided hoses. The steel braiding serves as a protection against mechanical damages, extends the useful life of the hoses and the brake fluid change intervals.

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  • Steel-braided hoses are available for most car models
  • Steel-braided hoses improve the operation of the entire braking system, also on non-sports cars
  • Make sure you perform a test drive after fitting new hoses in
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Range of services

  • Disconnecting the brake hoses
  • Releasing the fluid from the system
  • Fitting new hoses in
  • Filling the system with new fluid
  • Bleeding the system
  • Braking test

Car workshops: Fitting braided brake cables

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