Sport suspension sleeve fitting

Sport suspension sleeve fitting
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To increase the rigidity of a sports car and to get a better control over it when taking curves and driving over bumpy surfaces at a high speed you can install steel and polyurethane bushings connecting the suspension to the body. Such bushings are more rigid than the standard ones. It is a simple procedure and is therefore very popular.

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  • Install only bushings recommended by the manufacturer
  • Sports bushings are more durable and can be fitted e.g. when the standard bushings wear out
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Removing all elements obstructing access to the swing arms
  • Removing the swing arms
  • Removing the bushings
  • Fitting sports bushings in
  • Fitting the swing arms back in place
  • Fitting the other elements back in
  • Fitting the wheels back on

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