Nitrous oxide installation

Nitrous oxide installation
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A nitrous oxide system significantly increases the engine power. Fuel and nitrous oxide are supplied together to be mixed right before the intake manifold. The system is comprised of gas bottles, fuel hoses, solenoids, injectors, a switch, and a throttle sensor.

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  • If you want to install a nitrous oxide system on your car you should also install forged pistons and titanium valves
  • If your car is equipped with a multipoint injection system, the injectors should be directed toward each cylinder
  • A nitrous oxide system should be installed by a professional garage
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Range of services

  • Fitting a switch and a flow regulator in the cabin
  • Installing a gas bottle
  • Connecting the hoses to the bottle and the intake manifold
  • Connecting the fuel and nitrogen oxide solenoids upstream of the manifold
  • Installing a separator
  • Fitting an injector in the manifold
  • Testing the system at a high engine speed
  • Fitting a thermal insulation on the bottle

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