Wrought piston fitting

Wrought piston fitting

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Forged pistons are more durable than the standard ones. They are usually installed in sports cars, which are equipped with a nitrous oxide system. Due to technological constraints you can't apply the same amount of silicone on forged pistons as on the cast ones, hence the play between a forged piston and a cylinder is greater.

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  • When changing the pistons you should check the level of wear of the cylinders
  • When changing the pistons you should install new sealing rings
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Range of services

  • Removing the cylinder head
  • Removing the sump
  • Removing the cast pistons
  • Removing the piston pins
  • Fitting the forged pistons on the crankshaft
  • Fitting new piston pins
  • Fitting the cylinder head on a new gasket
  • Fitting the sump on a new gasket

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