Sports cooling system fitting

Sports cooling system fitting
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Racing engines require an improved cooling system to ensure maximum reliability. The most common modification of the cooling system consists in replacing a standard thermostat or radiator with a sports one. A sports cooling system is capable of withstanding higher temperatures.

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  • Change the coolant every 60 thousand kilometres or every 2 years
  • Sports cooling systems don't increase the power of standard engines at all
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Range of services

  • Releasing the coolant from the system
  • Removing the radiator
  • Removing the hose brackets
  • Removing the water pump
  • Removing the fan
  • Fitting a water pump dedicated for a sports radiator
  • Refitting the hoses
  • Fitting a sports radiator in
  • Refilling the system with a more efficient coolant
  • Checking the system for leaks

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