Off Road shock absorbers fitting

Off Road shock absorbers fitting
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Off-road shock absorbers have a bigger diameter than the standard ones. Their replacement necessitates fitting new springs. They are equipped with an additional gas tank. You can buy ready-made sets of off-road shock absorbers and springs dedicated for particular car models.

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  • Shock absorbers should be changed in pairs
  • After changing the shock absorbers make sure you have the suspension geometry adjusted
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Unscrewing the lower shock absorber mounts
  • Unscrewing the upper MacPherson strut mounts
  • Removing the mounting pad and the bearings
  • Removing the shock absorbers
  • Fitting springs onto the shock absorbers
  • Fitting the mounting pad and the bearings back on
  • Fitting the shock absorber
  • Refitting the wheels

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