Off Road additional lights fitting

Off Road additional lights fitting
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Additional halogen lamps are mounted on the roof, the front bumper or in a mixed variant (2 on the bumper and 4 on the roof). The lamps are also suitable for standard cars. They increase your safety when driving in difficult weather conditions, such as thick fog or snow.

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  • Connecting additional lamps to the existing light switch is against the type approval law. This is why you have to build a separate system for any such additional lamps
  • Additional lighting will increase your safety. Remember, though, that the power source should be adapted to an increased load
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Range of services

  • Fitting the lamp mounts in
  • Fitting an electrical system in
  • Fitting the halogen lamps in
  • Fitting and additional fuse in
  • Synchronising the entire system
  • Testing the system

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