Power steering pump remanufacturing

Power steering pump remanufacturing
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The power-steering pump is the main element of the power-assisted steering system. It allows you to apply less power when turning the wheels. Driven by a belt, the pump pumps the power-steering fluid into the steering rack. If it fails, it may leak fuel or become seized altogether. A malfunctioning pump produces a characteristic wailing sound when you turn the wheels. Most pumps can be reconditioned.

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  • If significantly worn, the cost of reconditioning a pump may exceed the cost of buying a new one
  • Repair a faulty pump as soon as possible, as it may cause a malfunction of the other components of the steering system, including the steering rack, and, consequently, increase the repair costs
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Range of services

  • Removing the power-steering fluid from the expansion tank
  • Disconnecting the pressure hoses
  • Removing the drive belt
  • Removing the pump
  • Evaluating if it is repairable
  • Reconditioning the pump
  • Replacing the damaged or worn parts, seals, bearings and bushings with new ones
  • Fitting the repaired component back in place
  • Refilling the steering gear with a fresh fluid

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